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Anti Galling Coating

Anti Galling Coating

Dicronite dry lubrication is widely used as an anti-galling coating. Our dry film lubricant provides anti-galling by minimizing the friction between the metal surfaces. By functioning as dry, permanent, anti-galling coating on stainless steel, aluminum and titanium,thread and surface damage is eliminated. Galling is occurring due to microwelding of the mating surfaces and Dicronite dry lubrication minimizes the friction and resulting heat to function as an anti-galling dry lube.

Fretting is also a common form of wear occurring via micro welding of mating metallic surfaces. Fretting occurs due to the heat generated by high frequency vibration. By providing an anti-galling dry lube, fretting is eliminated. Seizing of fasteners is also eliminated by using Dicronite dry lubrication as an anti-galling coating.

Dicronite dry lubrication is the trusted dry lubrication technology for anti-galling dry lube. It produces an Anti Galling Dry Coating for a wide variety of applications in various types of industries.

We apply Anti Galling Dry Lube for the:

  1. Aerospace industry
  2. Medical device industry
  3. Oil and Gas industry
  4. Precision Mechanical equipment industry
  5. Fastener (rivets, threaded, press-fit, etc) industry

Key Features of Our Anti Galling Dry Coating

  1. Broad functional temperature span -188C to +538C (up to +1316C in vacuum)
  2. Ultra-low coefficient of friction (u=0.030)
  3. Precision film thickness of 0.5 micron maximum (0.000020 inches)
  4. Vacuum stability

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