Dry Film Lubrication


Friction can cause critical systems to fail – everything grinds to a halt!

Countless engineers have reduced friction and avoided failure by coating their parts with Dicronite®.

Why waste time on friction-related component failures, lost production, or inefficiencies? AVOID:

  • Endless hours of lubricant research
  • Redesign of your part in order to accommodate a lubricant
  • Extreme temperature system failures
  • Production shut-downs
  • Galling, seizing or severe wearing of parts
  • Ineffective mold release

3 Simple Steps to experience the Dicronite® Difference

Multiple bearings and parts coated with Dicronite

To get your parts coated with Dicronite®:

a white number one placed to the left/in front of a white bearing.

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Number 2 in front of a bearing

Send or deliver your parts to one of 12 convenient locations

bearing clipart with the number three in front

Receive your expertly coated parts with little lead time

Blue CAD drawings laid out with engineering plans

How to Specify Dicronite® DL-5® on Your Drawings:

number one to the left of a gear

Using annotations, note surfaces where the Dicronite® coating is required

gear with a number two in front

Using annotations, note surfaces where no coating is allowed (unless indicated, overspray may occur)

the number three in front of a gear

In the drawing notes, reference your annotations and callout “Apply Dicronite® DL-5®” (add “per specification” if applicable)

When you place your Dicronite® coated parts into service, you will be amazed at the difference Dicronite® makes!  The best case scenario will become your reality.  The ultra thin, .5 microns thick coating will have molecularly bonded with your part’s surface.  Performance will dramatically improve with the reduction in friction; even the tightest tolerances in extreme environments will be effectively lubricated.  DL-5® processing does not use binders or heat, meeting all the requirements for the SAE AMS 2530 specification, TUNGSTEN DISULFIDE COATING, THIN LUBRICATING FILM, BINDER-LESS, IMPINGEMENT APPLIED”.  (AMS2530 supersedes DOD-L-85645)”


Our experts are ready to coat your:

  • Actuators
  • Ball Screws
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Chains
  • Couplings
  • Fasteners
  • Gears
  • Guides
  • Molds
  • Pins
  • Shafts
  • Sprockets
  • Valves
  • And more!

Join the countless engineers who choose Dicronite® to lubricate their components, knowing their parts will not overheat, seize, stick, or fail due to excessive friction.

Dicronite® DL-5® reduces friction and eliminates galling so your system operates the way it was designed.

It has been the premium dry lube for over 55 years and yet remains the dominant leader in the solid lubricant market.  Industry leaders continue to trust this branded tungsten disulfide to lubricate all kinds of parts used in all kinds of industry.  Today, Dicronite® DL-5® is trusted to effectively lubricate valves, connectors, fasteners, couplers, flanges, roller bearings, linear and rotational actuators, deployment devices, pins, bushings, mold  surfaces, fluid pump components, gears, camshafts, crankshafts, drivetrain components, vacuum pump components, and many undisclosed applications that help our customers foster a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Many tungsten disulfide coated bolts

The list of Dicronite® applications grows more every day as customers apply our dry lube technology to things like military helicopters, artificial hip joints, race car bearings, injection molds, and exploratory spacecraft. Rest assured, DL-5® will deliver the same reliable results to your project.  The Dicronite® coating is very thin, very slick, and very reliable. With its dynamic CoF between 0.020-0.090, coating parts with Dicronite® eliminates galling, reduces wear, and improves performance. Because precise tolerances are not compromised, you can add it to existing designs, saving you even more time and money.

You may be one of the many engineers who are challenged with lubricating systems required to operate for extended periods in extreme temperature ranges (cryogenic temps to +538C°) or under hard vacuum conditions. If so, you will appreciate that Dicronite® remains stable in these demanding environments. It is applied at ambient temperatures, generally inert, unaffected by oils and solvents, and allows you to use it as a co-lubricant which extends the life of traditional oils and greases as well as service intervals.

When you cannot afford failure, you can afford nothing other than Dicronite® DL-5®. Submit your design today to discover the Dicronite® difference for yourself!

Recent Dicronite® Certifications

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two surfaces sliding blue icon

Sliding Wear

Sliding wear occurs when two surfaces slide against one another causing material loss to one or both surfaces. Over time, this can result in component failures, additional maintenance, and costly down time.  

Coating components with Dicronite® can help minimize this wear and reduce the need for maintenance and down time.


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precision tooling equipment icon

Tight Tolerance Lubrication

Extremely tight tolerances can present challenges when lubricants or coatings are needed to reduce friction. Many products are available to help reduce friction, but in the case of very tight tolerances, few can be integrated without the need for adjustments.

Dicronite® has an average thickness of 0.5 microns (0.00002 inch) or less. This precision thin film allows users to incorporate Dicronite® on designs with tight tolerances without the need for design or manufacturing changes.


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vacuum environments blue icon

Vacuum Environment Lubrication

Vacuum environments present a challenge for lubrication. Many conventional lubricants aren’t effective under vacuum and are largely vaporized.

Dicronite® can be used in vacuum to reduce friction where other lubricants can’t function. The outgassing of Dicronite® under vacuum conditions is well below screening levels for spacecraft materials per ASTM E595.


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lightening bolt power output icon

Energy Lost to Friction

Friction is wasted energy! Systems with critical mechanical power output need to be extremely efficient.

Dicronite® optimizes mechanical efficiency by reducing friction losses and can even work in tandem with existing lubrication to further optimize efficiency.

Dicronite® is especially useful in precision systems, extreme environments, or where minimizing size and weight is vital.


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multiple blue gears icon


Fretting is a unique form of sliding wear that occurs when contact surfaces oscillate over a very small range of motion. Although it may seem minor, this surface wear can ultimately lead to fatigue cracking and devastating damage.

Dicronite® helps remedy fretting by providing lubrication at contact surfaces. This effectively reduces the wear and surface stresses that cause so much damage.

Dicronite® can be integrated into existing designs and assemblies without any other adjustments for seamless reduction of fretting wear.


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sun and snowflake blue icon

Extreme Temperature Lubrication

Extreme low or high temperatures can be challenging environments for lubrication. At low temperatures, conventional lubricants may be too viscous to be effective, while extreme high temperatures can result in breakdown of the lubricant.

Dicronite can be used in extreme environments to ensure effective lubrication while also being used in combination with oils and greases.

Dicronite is stable across a wide temperature range:


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blue flame icon

Excessive Heat from Friction

As friction in an assembly generates heat, elevated temperatures can result in unwanted operating conditions.

This can cause overheating and accelerate the breakdown of materials, resulting in costly maintenance and down time or destructive failure.

Proper lubrication can help minimize friction, reduce heat, and increase mechanical efficiency. Coat parts with Dicronite® to avoid excessive maintenance and ensure components will run as efficiently as possible.


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