Engine Performance Improvement


A professional racing team using a 3.6L Porsche engine was experiencing less than desired engine performance and higher than desired operating temperatures. They determined to reduce friction within the system by using a dry lubricant coating. The coating needed to perform under the following conditions.

  • Extremely high operating temperatures
  • Tight tolerances of existing design (no re-design)
  • Presence of essential engine


The engine was tested with a dynamometer and disassembled. The crankshaft, journal & main bearings, timing chain, rods, wrist pins, rings, piston skirts and valve assemblies were coated with Dicronite . After reassembly, the engine was tested again with the valve assemblies.


After coating the engine with Dicronite, the following changes were recorded:

  • 9% increase in peak torque
  • 10% increase in peak horsepower
  • 3% decrease in exhaust temperature

The racing team incorporated Dicronite as part of the 3.6L Porsche engine requirements.

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