HASCO Plastic Injection


HASCO®, an international mold manufacturer, was charged with creating plastic injection molding equipment for the manufacture of pharmaceutical spray bottle screw caps. The system design required:

  • High dimensional stability of finished apart: 0.05mm for threads, sealing edges, and snap-in edges
  • Suitability for clean room production
  • Cycle time less than 17 seconds
  • Effective demolding – part has undercuts, angled ribs, and threads


HASCO® engineers created an innovative solution and incorporated standard transmission components and prehardened, tempered stainless-steel molds. Dicronite® was applied on the molds and all transmission components including gear wheels, toothed racks, ball bearings, spherical bushings, guide rails, and guide blocks.


  • Dimensional stability was maintained.
  • Faster mold movements resulted in shorter cycle times.
  • Friction and heat was reduced, resulting in less wear of transmission components.
  • No additional lubrication was necessary and therefore, no particulates or outgassing compromised clean room environments.
  • Dicronite® bonded to mold surfaces as well as guide rails treated with a hard coating.
    Molds released effectively in extremely high temperatures.

With the help of Dicronite®, HASCO® delivered an effective clean room manufacturing solution capable of producing plastic parts for pharmaceutical use.

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